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President’s Day Craft for Kids – Abe Lincoln Paper Bag Craft

Looking for an easy President’s Day Craft for Kids? This Abe Lincoln Paper Bag Craft might do the trick. It’s easy to put together and it could keep the kids busy for a few minutes this weekend.

President's Day Craft for Kids - Abe Lincoln Paper Bag Craft

Follow the steps by steps instructions and the final result, will be a craft your little one will be proud of.

Abe Lincoln Paper Bag Craft supplies
Supplies Needed

  • 1 brown paper lunch bag
  • Black craft fur
  • Construction paper: black and tan
  • 2 medium googly eyes
  • 1 red pipe cleaner piece – 2 1/2 inches

How to Make an Abe Lincoln Paper Bag Craft for President’s Day 

step 1: Abraham Lincoln crafts

  1. Cut out a rectangular piece from the black construction paper, the exact size of your brown lunch bag.
    Glue this piece onto the front side of the entire bag.  Also, from the black paper, cut out a strip that is 9 inches long and 1 inch wide for the hat brim. Finally, cut out a small oval shape for the nose. Set the nose and hat brim aside for later use.
    step 2 abe lincoln kids crafts
  2. For the hair and beard, cut out a 5 inch wide by 6 inch length piece of craft fur and glue it towards the bottom of the lunch bag. Allow at least one inch of fur to be hanging over the bottom of the bag.  Snip a few pieces of craft fur for the eyebrows and set aside for later use.
    step 3 glue brim of the hat
  3. Take the long black strip from step 1 and glue it directly above the top of the craft fur for the brim of the hat.
  4. For the face, cut out a rectangle shape from the tan paper that is 4 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. You don’t have to cut it perfectly along a straight line. I zig-zagged in a couple of places to make the face look more natural. Also from the tan paper, cut out 2 ears the size of a quarter. Set aside for Step 9.
  5. Apply glue to the back of the tan paper and press down onto the beard.
    materials for Abe Lincoln craft
  6. Apply glue to the back of both googly eyes and place on the face. Glue the eyebrows from Step 2 onto the face, directly above each eye.
  7. Glue the nose from Step 1 onto the face.
    step 9 for abe lincoln craft for presidents day.jpg
  8. For Abe’s smile, bend the pipe cleaner piece into a slight “U” shape and glue onto the face.
    final steps for presidents day
  9. Apply glue to the right outer edge of one ear and attach it to the left side of the bag, in the back of the bag.  Be sure that the ear is adjacent to the face. Apply glue to the left outer edge of the other ear and attach it to the right side of the bag, in the back.


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Abe Lincoln Paper Bag Craft - Super easy paper bag Abraham Lincoln craft for kids perfect for President's Day with steps by steps direction to make life easier.

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