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10 Classic Board Games The Whole Family Will Enjoy

When I was little, I remember many afternoons playing board games with my siblings. However with the introduction of technology, Gameboy have been replaced with iPads and a plethora of apps. It’s sometimes impossible to get the kids to shut down and spend an evening technology free.  Ludo, Chess, Snakes and Ladders and Mancala (Ayo) are some of the Classic Board Games The Whole Family Will Enjoy. These were some of our go-to choices when I was little. Thankfully, my youngest is at the age that allows her to join the fun, she’s five and can comprehend the logic behind most of the games and watching her figure it out is part of the fun.

10 Classic Board Games The Whole Family Will Enjoy


Here are 10 Classic Board Games The Whole Family Will Enjoy:

  1. Ludo. This game is similar to Parcheesi or Sorry. Ludo is an easy game that teaches kids patience and guides them in following rules. The game can be played with two of four players, each rolling a dice to determine their movement. If the dice shows six, the player gets to move up in line. The first person to have all their pieces across the line takes first place.
  2. Monopoly. I grew up with the classic edition of Monopoly with Boardwalk Park place, so this brings lots of nostalgics. It teaches personal finance, and it’s a good way to learn about real estate, laws governing the city and an excellent way to introduce the kids to investment at a young age.
  3. Mancala. A favorite with young and old. Mancala is a fun family game where each player moves counter clockwise until you run out of pebbles. The description doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s kind of cool.
  4. Snakes and Ladder. This game was a staple at our house.  It also goes by the name Chutes and Ladders. The goal with Snakes and Ladder is to get to 100 without getting swallowed by a snake, bonus point if you roll six, you get to play twice.
  5. Chess. Chess is perfect for any age, and it promotes brain growth. My brother was a master chess player. No matter how much we tried, we couldn’t beat him. To continue with the tradition, we signed my daughter up for an after-school chess program, and it has been interesting watching her flourish within the game.
  6. Dominoes. I haven’t played Dominoes in awhile, but it was one of my favorite growing up. It will probably be better suited for older kids maybe ages 9 and up.
  7. Scrabble. Scrabble a fun and educational way to expand the kids vocabulary. It teaches strategy, and it’s interesting to see what type of words the kids try to come up. Scrabble is a great learning tool with built in play. Just make sure you have the dictionary close by to avoid endless arguments.
  8. Draughts. I just found out Draughts is no different than Checkers. The kids haven’t had a chance to play this, but I am excited to see how they like it. For some odd reason, it took awhile for me to understand this game but once I figured it out it was a go.
  9. Trivia Pursuits. I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t love Trivia Pursuits. There is an updated Trivial Pursuit Family Edition, which makes for a great night.
  10. Jenga. The issue with Jenga is someone always leaves crying. No worries, it’s all in good fun. If you’ve played Jenga before then, you know the struggle trying to get the blocks to stay up.

What are some of your favorite classic board games you played when you were a kid?

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