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10 Non-Candy Alternatives For Easter Egg Filler 

Are you on the hunt for non-candy alternatives For Easter Egg Filler? It’s less than a month to Easter festivities; the kids will be off from school in two weeks which gives me less than 10 days to get their Easter basket and prep for our Easter egg hunt. Last year, Americans spent an estimated $2.1 Billion on Easter Candy.  That’s an insane amount of sugar in our system if you ask me. Every year, I vow to be different and limit the amount of candy that gets circulated. We’re still recovering from Valentine’s day sugar rush, hence, this years non-candy treats to make the kids Easter egg hunt more fun without the sugar overload. So if you’re looking for non-candy alternatives for Easter egg filler, you’re in luck.

10 Non-Candy Alternatives For Easter Egg Filler 

Here are ten non-candy alternatives for Easter Egg Filler

  1. Socks.  Summer camp is a few months away. Socks are useful, and you can roll it up tightly to fit in a medium sized egg.
  2. Beauty/Grooming Products. Travel size toiletries, especially for the older ones. It could be lip gloss/chapsticks, non-toxic nail polish, nail files, scrunchies, miniature lotion, compact mirror, and body spray, etc.
  3. Hair Accessories. Hair accessories are fun for everyone, from snap-on hair extensions to barrettes to ponytail holders, something to adorn their precious locks.
  4. Tattoo Stickers. Temporary tattoos are a hit or miss but if you find a good mix buy them in bulk, and it’s a gift that can be used well beyond Easter. The ones we bought for my daughters birthday were also handed out during Halloween.
  5. Money. If you can find a few dollar coins, those are usually a hit. Otherwise, any denomination would work.
  6. Tiny toys. For our girls, Shopkins are a huge hit, and we also get mini figures Lego, those works for both boys and girl. For males, mini frisbees, mini slinkies, bubbles, toy dinosaurs, toy cars or those squishy balls are always a hit.
  7. In-Ear Headphones. Gone are the days of bulky headphones, nowadays they come in ridiculously small sizes that you can easily fit one into a small egg with no problem.
  8. Mini Play-Doh. Not sure if kids ever grow out of playing with Play-Doh, our nine years old still ask for it occasionally. Get the party pack that has about 10 or 15 in a box to make it affordable.
  9. Trinkets. Nothing too fancy, bracelets, stud earrings, slap bracelets, and rings.
  10. Stationaries. Mini coloring books or notepads, erasers, rubber stamps, highlighters, pencil sharpener.

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