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How to Make Your Child’s Birthday a lot More Fun

While children are always excited about their birthdays, it cannot be denied that the parents, often times are just as excited. So before you start planning and acting on your plans for your child’s birthday party, consider these fool proof tips below that are sure to make your child’s birthday celebration more fun:

How to Make Your Child’s Birthday a lot More Fun

The secret? Ask them what they want and get involved in the fun!

  1. Ask them what they want for their party. “A big part of a child’s self-esteem is tied to sensing that his/her feelings are important to others. We, as adults, take such questions as, “What do you think?” and “What is your idea?” as commonplace in our daily lives at home and at work,” shares Minnesota State University Mankato. Asking a child what he wants on his special day makes him feel that his opinions are valuable, apart from making the celebration more fun.
  2. Surprises are one of the most fun parts of a celebration. And what better way to surprise your little one than to hide a present in the birthday cake? Choosing a birthday cake for kids can be quite easy. Parents need to keep in mind that children love colorful and interesting things, which makes dinosaur, caterpillar, and doll inspired cakes a huge sell among children. The M&S Pirate Ship Cake is also a crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t know Captain Hook or Jack Sparrow anyway?
  3. Parents should have fun, too. Showing your child that you are also having fun on his birthday party will make him feel great! This simply tells your child that whatever makes him happy makes you happy, too.

After the party, take note of the activities/prizes that the children enjoyed the most: loud cheers and laughs are the best indications. This way, you can use these as a guide for your child’s next birthday party, which should make the planning a lot easier.

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