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Holiday Gift For Her – Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch

Perfect holiday gift for that special lady in your life who has everything, the Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch is gorgeous and has lots of cool features.

Holiday Gift For Her - Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch

When it comes to tech, I consider myself an early adopter, when a new gadget comes out, I’m always eager to get my hands on it. When smartwatch hit the market a few years ago, I grabbed one and haven’t looked back since. So naturally when I got the Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch from Best Buy I was intrigued. I’m familiar with Fossil, they’ve been around for years but I didn’t know they made smartwatch. Not surprising though is the watch it self, it’s gorgeous. The 40mm stainless steel rose gold band can easily go from gym to the office. It’s a natural fit for everyday wear, no matter your style. Oh and the strap is interchangeable.

Holiday Gift For Her – Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product.

Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch- Best Buy

In my experience testing the Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch, it has slowly become my favorite obsession. It makes me excited to head into the new year knowing I will be able to keep my fitness goal right on my wrist.

Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch – Powered by Wear OS by Google

Setting up the device was a breeze. First course of action was charging it, after it was fully charged, I followed the on screen prompt and connected it to my android phone. Since I will be using this not only as a watch but also as my go-to fitness tracker, I quickly installed Google Fit app onto the device. Google Fit comes with two cools features Heart Points and Move Minutes, which are built-in coaching and activity tracking based on guidelines from the American Heart Association & World Health Organization. This has been instrumental in helping me track my daily exercise, steps and overall health, while keeping me accountable. In addition to Google Fit, I made sure to set a reminder for the 2 minutes breathing exercise – guided breathing. It’s a deep breathing exercises that I’m hoping will help me relax, manage stress and sleep better.

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Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch - Message notification

I am familiar with google assistant because we have a Google Home Hub, so having the ability to continue with google assistant was a blessing. Now, I can proactively keep track of my daily schedule and conveniently response to email and text messages right from my watch. Plus, you can keep the Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch on while you are in the shower, in the pool, as you wash dishes etc it’s safe up to 164 feet under water.

Fitness friendly smartwatch - Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch

Two things you can’t do with the watch without your phone being present – answer calls and listen to music. While you can play, pause or forward music, this watch doesn’t have a built in speaker. In addition, you can’t speak directly into the watch, you will need your phone to answer calls.

Overall it’s a beautiful watch and definitely a smartwatch for starters who loves tech but are on a budget. If you have a fitness guru in your life or a loved one that wants to stay on top of their fitness goals, I suggest you add this to your holiday shopping list.

Wear OS by Google - Q venture HR

Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch

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