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3 Little-Known Ways To Help Kids Overcome Their Fear Of The Dark  

Is your child have a hard time falling asleep because she is scared of the dark? Is she constantly worried about monsters lurking in the dark? It’s very common for kids to be afraid of the dark and this could be at any age. Both my girls were scared of the dark at various age. They would often refuse to go upstairs unless we were there. Many children deal with fear as they grow up. No matter what your age child’s fear of the dark might be, it is important that you take it seriously and address the problem. There are many ways that any parent can help ease a child’s fear no matter how terrifying it might be.

We tried to make sure they don’t watch any scary movies, so I am not even sure where the fear came from. It must’ve been because of that Bunk’d episode where the kids were looking for Kikiwaka. TV shows aside, here are some of the things we did to help the girls get over their fear of the dark.

Little Known Ways to Help Kids Overcome Their Fear of the Dark  

Fear of the Dark

  1. Acknowledge your child’s fear. You need to discuss and acknowledge your child’s fear, no matter how immature you think they are. First off, talk with your child about the details. Why is she afraid of the dark? What exactly makes her feel afraid? What is she worried about? Sometimes just being able to talk openly about a fear can help a child handle it a little better. Share your own experience and what you did to handle it.
  2. Establish a night time routine. For us, it was bathtime, reading, prayer and if we have time, small talk then it’s lights out. These I believed helped ease their fear. The goal is to try and consider what steps you can take with your child to reduce her specific concerns.
  3. Put in a night light. We got a night light for their room, one for their bathroom and another one for the hallway. We made sure to keep the door slightly open so they can feel comfortable while they slept. We also added glow in the dark stars on the ceiling for an extra touch.

And if all else fails, consider letting the kids share a room to eliminate the fear. Simply having an older sibling in the room might make the little one feel a bit safer. These tips have been useful in helping our girls deal with the anxiety that comes with the fear of the dark.


Are your kids afraid of the dark? How did you handle it?


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