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Monster High Freaky Fusion

Monster High Dolls My girls are huge fans of Monster High Dolls their two favorite ghouls are Lagoona Blue and Draculaura. So when I found out that Walmart has the latest Freaky Fusion™ ghouls, I had to share.  What we love about Monster High Dolls is their unique sense of style, multicolored hair, fashionable outfit, and coordinated shoes.

The Monster High® Freaky Fusion™ ghouls go deep into the catacombs of Monster High to help Frankie look for clues about her past and learn more about her family scaritage. There, they inadvertently set off a time machine that takes them back to the year 1814 where they meet Sparky, a misguided, teen scientist obsessed with the creation of life. Sparky follows Frankie back to modern day Monster High, causing a lab accident in which eight ghouls fuse into four new monsters! Visit to get all the latest Freaky Fusion™ ghouls.

Meet Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls!

Check out the Freaky fused dolls Clawnevus™, Cleolei™, Dracubecca™ and Lagoonafire™.

  • Clawvenus™: Made up of Clawdeen Wolf® and Venus Mc Flytrap® – Clawvenus™ is fiercely “fusionable” and ferociously beautiful, but she may need to change her shampoo to a weed-and-feed formula.
  • Cleolei™ (Pronounced “Cleo-Lie”): Fusing the Mummy heritage of Cleo de Nile® with the werecat ancestry of Toralei®, Cleolei™ has some ferocious issues, but it’s nothing a quick little cat-nap won’t fix.
  • Dracubecca™: Mixing the Vampire heritage of Draculaura® with the Mad Scientist ancestry of Robecca Steam®, Dracubecca™ is scary sweet but still attached to rocket-powered boots.
  • Lagoonafire™: Fusing the Sea Monster heritage of Lagoona Blue® with the Chinese Dragon ancestry of Jinafire Long™ Lagoonafire™ loves to surf and swim like she’s on fire — literally!

Walmart Monster High Rollback Offer
Just in time for the Holiday, Walmart has a Rollback price on the new Monster High Dolls with prices starting at $12.00. You can’t beat that, stock up on your Holiday shopping now. Walmart Monster High Rollback

Monster High- In Store Coupon
Guess what, if you visit your local Walmart store on October 12, 2014, you can take advantage of the one-day-only in-store coupon! Print, download and save $5 on any Monster High purchase of $25 or more at Walmart.

The Monster High coupon is only valid on October 12, 2014, and can only be redeemed in stores.
Monster High® Freaky Fusion™ Catacombs


The girls are looking forward to exploring the creepy and spooky Monster High® Catacombs so they can play out a scene and make up their own stories.  The monstrous playset has a dance floor, an elevator, stair slide, furniture, accessories, doll display pieces, and many more fun features.

Dual Ghoul Personality Test

Which ghoulfriend are you more like?

Ghoulfriend Personality Test

I took the test and I am 75% Toralei.  According to the test, I have a cat-like attitude with a soft spot for helping those in need. Find out by which ghoulfriend you’re by taking the Monster High® Freaky Fusion™ Personality Test. Cleo de Nile® or Toralei®? Draculaura® or Robecca Steam®? Lagoona Blue® or Jinafire Long™? Clawdeen Wolf ®or Venus Mc Flytrap®?

This is a sponsored conversation by Lunchbox, all opinions are mine.

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