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Hurricane Sandy, Two Years Later. Are you Prepared?

Hurricane Sandy, Two Years Later. Are you Prepared?

Hurricane Sandy, Two Years Later. Are you Prepared?

It has been raining the last two days, so we are keeping an eye on the basement to make sure it doesn’t get flooded.  It’s worth nothing since next week marks the 2-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.  Sandy affected 24 states, killed 162 people, that includes 53 in New York state, 34 in New Jersey. It caused $50 million in damage and damaged/destroyed 650,000 homes plus hundreds of child care centers and schools.  It was the day that life turned upside down for thousands of children who suddenly lost everything – including their very sense of stability.

Losing your entire sense of stability at such a young age can be devastating. Save the Children’s Journey of Hope program allow kids to express their feelings and learn critical coping skills that will help them bounce back and move forward. Without adequate support, children often fall permanently behind in school while they grapple with intense sadness, depression and anger. Two years after Hurricane Sandy, Save the Children continues to work with children in the hardest-hit communities in New York and New Jersey.

It’s the world we live in Disaster happens, however it’s the way we handle or prepare for them that makes a world of difference. My family wasn’t prepared for Sandy, it was a learning experience to do better. Experiencing Hurricane Sandy made my family realize how unprepared we were, and accordingly to a recent survey we are not alone –

– 49% of U.S. parents don’t feel they’re very prepared to protect their children from disaster.
– 51% don’t think their child’s school or child care center is very prepared either.
– A whopping 74% of parents don’t think the federal government is prepared to protect their kids should disaster strike!

Do you’ve a plan in place to help ensure your children are safe and secure if a disaster strikes? Well here is a Disaster plan checklists for your family and  your child’s daycare center –

More Ways To Get Involved

  • Check out the US Disaster Preparedness Map to see how your state measures up in protecting your kids from disaster while they’re in school
  • Sign the pledge to protect children from disaster and encourage your friends and family to do the same

Image courtesy of Save the Children

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