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Finally Getting Rid of My Recurring Pain

It started about 5 years ago, back then I remember rushing to the dentist as if it was the end of the world – frantically asking for whatever the doctor had to kill the pain. Sadly he told me I had to take it out but gave me antibiotics because my wisdom teeth was infected. It’s nothing new, at least once a year the pain resurfaces. I know the title is so dramatic, the recurring pain is my wisdom teeth. Yes, I am a grown woman still walking around with 4 wisdom teeth. According to my dentist, I should have had it removed a long time ago, its not need. They’re just taking up unnecessary real estate in my mouth.

Anyway the pain is back, started a few days ago and I think I’m finally ready to put on my big girl panties and take them out. I refused to take them out before because my sister told me that once I take them out my teeth becomes misaligned – teeth shifting I believe its called. I know she’s speaking from experience because she took hers out a few years ago and slowly her teeth settled in and now she has awkward spacing in her mouth. She hates it and warns me of the potential side effect. She’s the reason why I’ve held onto them this long, but i think it’s time. This salt water gargling is no longer doing the trick.

I must be a glutton for punishment, because who in their right mind knowingly  walks around with recurring toothache because they’re afraid of  the way their teeth will look afterwards, I will think the pain will take precedence over appearance.  Actually I think it’s more than just appearance, studies have shown that there is increased difficulty and complications with removing wisdom teeth later in life, so the longer I wait the more at risk I become. I haven’t yet made an appointment with the dentist but I’ve finally made up mind that it needs to be removed and I will keep my fingers cross and hope the teeth left in my mouth does not shift in such an awkward way that I end up looking crazy.  I already have enough issues I don’t need jacked up teeth added to the list.

So what do you think, am I making a good decision with this teeth removal? Have you had your wisdom teeth removed, did you experience any long term side effect?

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