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Dinner at Boston Market!! Let’s Talk About That New Rotisserie Prime Rib

This post about Boston Market’s new Rotisserie Prime Rib is sponsored by Babbleboxx

Growing up, I remember my mom making dinner every night without fail, and she did it while working full time. I aspire to such greatness but often times, I fail because life isn’t as easy and straightforward as they were back then. Which is where Boston Market comes in, if you want a home-style meal, delicious, and gluten-free then it’s a clear choice. Using simple everyday ingredients, they have mastered the art of catering to busy families with their home-style menu.

Last week I walked into Boston Market on the West Side of Midtown Manhattan for a sit-down dinner to try out their new menu item. On the menu was the new Rotisserie Prime Rib. Historically, Boston Market is known for their rotisserie chicken so it isn’t too far-fetched that they would introduce Rotisserie Prime Rib to their menu.

Dinner at Boston Market

We got a behind-the-scenes access with Boston Market’s Executive Chef and Vice President of Marketing, Tim Hartmann. I found out what makes Boston Market chicken taste so good. It’s because it’s all natural, fresh, US raised and never frozen. This is probably what I like most about their food, it’s home-style comfort food. Their new Rotisserie Prime Rib is made the same way, slow-roasted for an hour in their rotisserie oven.
Boston Market Rotisserie Prime RibTo kick off dinner a sommelier shared with us some tips on how to pair our meal with the appropriate wine (this will come in handy for date night with hubby).

Wine Pairing at Boston Market Rotisserie Prime RibWe paired the Rotisserie Prime Rib with a glass of  Aglianico – Fratelli Urciuolo Aglianico and paired the Rotisserie Chicken with Chardonnay – Olivier Leflaive Bourgogne Blanc Les Setilles. Both were nice compliments.

Boston Market – New Rotisserie Prime Rib

Dinner at Boston Market Rotisserie Prime Rib

For dinner, I had the Prime Rib, Rotisserie Chicken, Bacon Vinaigrette Broccoli (not pictured), Mashed Potatoes, Mac & Cheese and Freshly Baked Corn Bread. For just $15.99, you get an ample amount of their succulent Rotisserie Prime Rib, two sides, fresh-baked cornbread, horseradish cream sauce, and au jus. The new rotisserie Prime Rib will be available at Boston Market starting today, Wednesday at 5 p.m. Keep in mind that it’s only going to be available on Wednesday and Sunday after 5 p.m.

We wrapped up dinner with a slice of apple pie, chocolate cake, and chocolate chip cookies. Overall, it was a great event and I will be back with my family so they can enjoy it themselves.

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