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2015 Kia K900 Review – Impeccable Style and Optimal Performance

2015 Kia K900 Review

Imagine this: One day, you walk out of the grocery store, and you noticed a few people hovering over your car. You paused for a second but decides to proceed with caution, phone in hand in case you need to call for help. As you got closer to your car, a middle-aged man ask, “Is this your car?”, you answer sheepishly, “Yes”. “Is this the one from the commercial where Lebron moves the seat?” You respond, “I’m not sure”. The woman standing next to him whom you believe is his wife said, “Yes, it is; this is the one with Lebron. It’s pretty sick.” “How much was it? Would you like to trade”. The guy mumbled, “It’s beautiful”. You smile and try to walk around them so you can get into your car. You can feel their eyes piercing through you.  As you open the car door, the lady waves, and yells – “God bless your car”. You smile, closed the door and spend your drive home wondering what just happened.

Kia K900 Review

That was one of my encounters while driving K900. Kia K900 is a full-size luxury sedan and everywhere I went, someone complimented the vehicle. A guy looked at me, looked at the car and said, you must be someone important. Driving the car every day, was an experience in itself. It’s a car that gets noticed without even trying.

2015 Kia K900 Review

Kia K900 Luxury Sedan Review

How well does it drive? Well with a V8 engine and impressive 420 horsepower, it operates smoothly, and it’s extremely quiet. You can easily switch from sporty to drive mode. It’s quite responsive, and it offers an excellent driving experience.

The k900 interior has an upscale touch with comfortable snow white pearl Nappa leather seats and genuine wood accent trim. If I had to choose, I wouldn’t pick white interior, though, because it will be impossible keeping it spotless with two active kids. I was pleasantly surprised at how spacious the interior was.

Kia K900 Review Navigation System

Two of my favorite safety features are the 360 surround-view monitor with multiple selectable camera angles and the rear cross-traffic alert. With kids, I like getting an alert if a vehicle or someone is behind me while I am trying to reverse out of the driveway. Like most vehicles I have gravitated towards this year, K900 has advanced smart cruise control and lane departure warning system.

Kiaa K900 interior control system

The kids enjoyed the power reclining seats in the back. They love the fact that they can control their temperature and adjust the seat position according to their preference. When you’ve kids with unique personalities, this little feature is a blessing. The rear privacy/sunshade and manual side and three-quarter window blinds means the kids can nap without the distraction of the world.

It’s a personal preference, but I wish the 9.2-inch screen navigation system were touchscreen, I just find those easier to maneuver. However, I think as time goes on I would’ve gotten used to the center-console buttons.

It was slightly disappointed that I only had the vehicle for a week but grateful that I was able to experience the awesomeness that is the Kia K900. It drives smooth, and it would be a perfect companion on a drive into upstate NY or the Poconos. In the end, it’s hard to believe you’re driving a Kia.

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The 2015 Kia K900 provides an unmatched list of features and impressive amenities for a price that’s friendlier than most luxury sedan currently on the market. If you appreciate the finer things in life, Kia K900 is worth exploring.

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