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16 Family Beach Bag Essentials

Its beach season so this week I wanted to share with you our family beach bag essentials.  Going to the beach with the family can be daunting sometimes, but hope the check list below help relieve some stress. Here are 16 nice to have summer family beach bag essentials –

family beach bag essentials

Cover Up & Towel  – For the kids, I buy those cover ups that doubles as a towel and I also bring an extra towel just in case.

Sunglasses  –  I have a big head and a round face, so its tricky finding sunglasses that compliments my face but once I find one, I hold on to them forever. For the kids, get the ones with the strap, that way it stays on their neck and doesn’t get lost easily.

Sunscreen (SPF)  – This should probably move up to #1 spot. This goes without saying but if you don’t take anything to the beach, make sure you pack your Sun Protection Factor ( SPF).  If you’re not sure which SPF to get – check out www.skincancer.org. Also make sure you get water resistant SPF, so it stays in tact while in the water.

Waterproof CameraNothing scares me more than seeing people by the water without a waterproof case for their camera. I mean seriously, if that thing falls into the water, years of irreplaceable memory will be gone just like that. If you don’t want to log your camera around, then check out the Samsung’s Waterproof Galaxy S4 Active from AT&T.

Floppy Hat – I chose a floppy hat but any hat will do, fedora is in style right now so that’s also an option.

Over-sized Stylish Beach Bag – We’re a family of 4, so I usually try and look for a bag that can fit all our essentials.

Water Shoes /Flip Flops – I pack water shoes for the kids, and flip or sandals for my husband and I.

Umbrella – I know my girlfriend makes fun of me all the time, because I choose to take our umbrella with us to the beach rather than renting them at the beach. Frankly I haven’t had the best experience with renting, besides I love the fact that, my kids doesn’t have to guess which umbrella mommy is sitting under, we stand out because our umbrella is different.

Hand Sanitizer –  I know they can easily wash their hands in the beach water but for added protection, I bring the hand sanitizer just in case, you can never be too careful.

Cooler – I usually pack some light snacks with us when we go to the beach. My family can be picky when it comes to food, so i can to be prepared for what may come.

Water Bottle – I am addicted to water, and my family is learning to love water just as much as I do. On this occasion its fine to bring water to the beach, haha.

Beach Toys – We can’t forget the beach toys, our family trip to the beach isn’t completely without attempting to build a sand castle. Also don’t forget the beach ball or a Frisbee something to toss around with the kids.

Swimming Diaper –  If you have little ones in diapers, then don’t forget to bring swim diapers. Don’t forget the baby wipes.

Change of Clothes  –  I bring change of clothes for all of us and I stuff them in a plastic bag so it doesn’t get wet.

Beach Blanket and/or Chair – We usually bring two chairs and a blank and we alternate between the chair and the blanket – its comfortable for us that way.

Summer First Aid Kit – This might seem like an overkill but with kids you can never be too prepared, so make sure you back a summer first aid kit, so you don’t end up rushing to the ER.


Is there something, you normally include in your summer beach bag that isn’t listed? Would love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks 🙂



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