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10 Apps That Will Help You Become a Domestic Goddess

10 Apps That Will Help You Become a Domestic Goddess. I know the 21st century woman in me cringe at the words domestic goddess. However these apps will help even the busiest people boost productivity and stay organized. So whether you’re a domestic goddess who work at home or a business woman with a corner office these apps will help manage your finance, hone your culinary skills and enjoy the tranquility of perfecting a herb garden. Plus if  you’re having a hard time staying on task these 10 free iPhone and Android apps will help keep your family’s life organized and help you live a well balanced life.

10 Apps That Will Help You Become a Domestic Goddess

10 Apps That Will Help You Become a Domestic Goddess

1. Manage Finances  – Money Tracker by BillGuard
Money Tracker by BillGuard
Need a little help managing your finances. Money Tracker by BillGuard lets you create a budgeting tools with reminders on upcoming bill, account balances and transfers, plus it will offer you an overviews of trends in your spending habit.  (Free download on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon Kindle)

2. Simplify Grocery Shopping  – Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ is an intuitive grocery list app that makes grocery shopping easier.   You can build your grocery lists via  voice search or you can walk around your house while scanning the items you need so it can be added to your shopping list. Share the list with everyone in your house, organize items by aisle to make life easier while at the store. It extensive coupon database helps make meal planning a breeze.   (Free download on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon Kindle)

3.  Well Rounded Chef –  Food Network In the Kitchen

Want to wow your family and friends with award wining culinary skills, then check out Food Network In the Kitchen it has recipes from Food Network stars like Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and Nigella Lawson. (Free download on iTunesGoogle Play & Amazon Kindle)

4.  Design & Decorate Your Dream Home – Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen, maybe the bathroom or you just want to see what the new trends in home decor are. Houzz Interior Design Ideas has a database of ideas to inspire your next renovation. You can also look through the database to find a builder or an architect closest to you. (Free download on iTunesGoogle Play & Amazon Kindle)

5.  Host a Dinner Party  – Event Planner

Event Planner will help host your next dinner party. This app gives you everything you need to plan your next soiree. Manage your RSVP list, party budget and to do list all in a one place. (Free download on iTunesGoogle Play)

6. Keep Track of House Chores – Chore Checklist
Chore Checklist
Chore Checklist is a project management app for house chores. Set up your daily, weekly and monthly chores with assigned due date and objectives. Can’t remember the last time you groomed your dog or mowed the lawn it records chore’s completion date and automatically calculate next due date based on your preference. If you have a hard time staying on task, this will help you get organized and manage your time better. You can also share and sync the list between devices and users.  ($1.50 on iTunesGoogle Play & Amazon)

7.  Manage Health and Fitness  – MapMyFitness

In between managing the household, if you have time to schedule a run or hit the gym. MayMyFitness will help you manage your fitness activity with over 600 choices to choose from. Track your fitness goals and monitor your progress with  a comprehensive workout history. (Free download on iTunesGoogle Play & Window Phone)

8. Start a Vegetable Garden  – Garden Time Planner by Burpee

GardenTimePlannerIf you’re looking for an app to help grow your garden. Burpee’s Garden Time Planner offers how to videos with recommendations on best produce to grew based on the season. (Free download on iTunesGoogle Play)

9. Assign Laundry Task – Wash Squad

Wash Squad allows you to assign laundry task to specific member of the household. It also provides helpful tips  for washing whites, colors, dedicates, etc. The laundry guides provide users with information on organizing, cleaning, drying and folding clothes. (Free download on iTunes)

10. Organize your hectic life – Evernote 
Evernote will help you organize and store everything. You can also use it to organize your recipes and plan your weekly meal plan. Jot down notes, clip receipts online and check off your to do list. You can also use this as a visual board for all your ideas. (Free download on iTunesGoogle Play & Amazon Kindle)


Do you have a favorite app that isn’t included, let us know. 

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