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5 Top Travel Myths – Debunked

Addressing 5 Top Travel Myths, aka the lies we tell ourselves that prevents us from exploring the world. Yes, at some point I’ve been guilt of some of these if not all but as time passes, I am learning to step outside of my comfort zone and embrace what life has to offer.

5 Top Travel Myths – Debunked

5 Top Travel Myths - Debunked

Myth #1: I can’t go somewhere if I don’t speak their language
Hmm, No!! This is probably the most common myth, I’ve heard. Frankly, it is usually common among Americans and English tourists who are wary of traveling to international countries with a different native tongue. To be honest, many vacation spots have hotels and locations that caters specifically to English speaking tourists. In most cases, the locals can speak English. Besides, the best part of traveling to a foreign country is learning and experiencing a different culture.  So, don’t let the language barrier, be a deciding factor. If you’ve always dreamed of going to Europe or Africa  do it now, “We only live once and if you do it right, once is all you need” Besides with translation apps like  iTranslate and Google translate,  you will be trading recipe secrets with the locals in no time.

Myth #2: I can’t travel, the airfare are just too expensive
This might have been true some odd years ago when air travel was a novelty, but nowadays, it’s fairly easy to find cheap flights to almost any destination with proper planning. There are various airlines that run flights all over Europe, same goes for domestic travel. There are lots of budget travel sites and deal-seeking websites offering everything from luxury cruises to quick weekend gateway at affordable rates.

Myth #3: A woman shouldn’t travel alone
Oh, the lies we tell ourselves. This myth is very persistent, but the reality is, if you take proper precautions traveling alone can be very therapeutic. It’s an excellent way to meet new people, and explore the world with a different prospective. It’s no given that when traveling to countries with different culture or  rules, men and women should take extra precautions. A little research into the do’s and don’ts is all you need. Check out the US Passport & International Travel site to learn more about your destination.

Myth #4: The water isn’t safe to drink in foreign countries
This is partly true, but only in certain circumstances. In developed countries, the tap water is usually as clean and purified just like we have here – the only difference is that it may contain different minerals you’re simply not used to, and it will take some time for your body to adjust appropriately. So yes, it might make you sick, but the effect shouldn’t last, and it certainly doesn’t mean that the water is not fit to drink. However, in developing countries, water purification may be an issue due to a lack of suitable facilities. So yes, in that case, be weary of the water. Be weary of water, because it can lead to typhoid. A common bacterial disease associated with drinking containment water. Find out about the health condition of destination by visiting the CDC Travels’ Health website.

Myth #5: Traveling with kids is always a disaster
This was my mentality before I had kids. However with two kids under my belt, I have learned how to travel with kids tactfully. Traveling with kids can actually be a wonderfully and rewarding experience for everyone involve. Hotels now offers family friendly options, which makes life easier. Also, traveling by air with kids can be made less stressful with a little research. Many long haul flights, now have in-flight amenities with personal entertainment for every passenger, with options for movies and games on demand these are excellent ways of keeping a child occupied while in the air.

Hope we’ve helped in clearing up some travel myths and as you plan your next vacation don’t let any of these myths hold you back – book that trip to Greece you’ve always wanted. As that Greek saying goes – “The sins we often regret are the sins we never commit”

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