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When You Need To Take A Break

It has been a pretty hectic week at our house. My little one has been sick, so I’ve spent the last few days nursing her back to health. I have a growing list of “To Dos” and it’s gets harder to take some time off.  Sometimes, I feel like the busier I get the harder it’s to take some time off.  However as I have gotten older, I have learned it doesn’t have to be a weekend away, it could simply be a quiet 10-20 minutes alone to recuperate.

When you need to take a break -  Snapple®Straight Up Tea™

While on a recent trip to Stop and Shop, to pick up some essentials, I discovered the new Snapple® Straight Up Tea™ with zero calories that I just had to explore. Have you seen it? I am trying to limit my intake of sugar, so I bought the Unsweetened Straight Up™ Tea that has 0 calories. However, the Snapple Straight Up Tea has two other choices, the Sorta Sweet Straight Up Tea with 90 calories and the Sweet Straight Up Tea with 180 calories. This gives you the option to choose your level of sweetness.

Snapple® Straight Up Tea™

Snapple®Straight Up Tea™

Snapple® Straight Up Tea is made from freshly brewed black tea, and it comes in handy on days when I need to sit back and take a break from my crazy day or a hectic week. It’s all about balancing my time efficiently and leaving alone time to rejuvenate. That to me means, going for a walk, listening to music, reading a novel, rewarding myself with a drink or simply just sitting still even if it’s for a minute.

Indulgent - Snapple Straight Up Tea

You can get the  Snapple®Straight Up Tea™ at STOP & SHOP or Giant. It’s in the same aisle as the drinks. I think mine was in aisle 7, but I’m not sure if all the stores are numbered the same. It’s currently on sale for 10/$10.00.


How do you know when you need to take a break? 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DPSG. The opinions and text are all mine.

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