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5 Clever Ways To Use Your Leftover Halloween Pumpkin

5 Clever Ways To Use Your Leftover Halloween Pumpkin DIY

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. We didn’t get a chance to do much. It was cold and raining, so we didn’t quite do the usual rounds but the kids had fun non the less. With Halloween over, pumpkin is no longer a  hot commodity. Although they’re still in season through November, they seem to lose steam after Halloween. If you’re wondering what to do with your leftover pumpkin, here are 5 Clever Ways To Use Your Leftover Halloween Pumpkin

5 Clever Ways To Use Your Leftover Halloween Pumpkin

1. Pumpkin Snowman
With Halloween out of the way, snow is inevitable. Why not keep your full pumpkin around long enough to turn it into a snowman. If you only have one pumpkin, then use that as a snowman head. It will be the coolest looking head. You could even put off carving the pumpkin until it snows. A jack-o-lantern will make a great snowman head.

pumpkin snowmansource

2. Pumpkin Table Centerpiece
Fall is the perfect time to use a pumpkin as a centerpiece. Simply use a small to medium pumpkin and a few gourds. Either place them in a nice, large basket, or surround them with a fall foliage wreath. You can also cut the top of your pumpkin and add some fall flowers. It is a very festive look.2fd7f2065295dd26292bc1264c1656a8source

3. Pumpkin Soup Bowl
Perhaps one of the most unique way to use a pumpkin after Halloween is by hollowing it out and using it as a soup bowl. You can also get the kids involved. While you make dinner, the kids could hollow out the pumpkin bowls. You can use it for any soup, however, pumpkin or squash soup works best.

pumpkin soup bowlsource

4. Pumpkin Ice Bucket or Party Bowl
Having a fall party or a hosting your family for Thanksgiving? Scoop out a pumpkin and use it as an ice bucket. If you’re thinking of using the leftover pumpkin as a party bowl. Clean it out the night before and place in a refrigerator uncovered. This will help eliminate some of the excess moisture, yet keep the pumpkin from shriveling.

pumpkin ice bucketsource 

5. Pumpkin Stamp
Have you ever heard of potato stamps? This craft uses pieces of pumpkin shell instead. Cut a pumpkin shell into three inch squares.Carve a shape into the skin of the pumpkin and press into an ink pad. This is a great activity for kids as long as an adult supervises.


There you’ve it 5 Clever Ways To Use Your Leftover Halloween Pumpkin. Get creative and resourceful with your pumpkins. Hope this list helps you in utilizing your pumpkin beyond Halloween.

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