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Easy DIY Holiday Party Favor – New Jersey Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs

These clever ideas for holiday party favors are perfect as a hostess gift, or you could give them out at your next big shindig. New Jersey Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs.

Easy DIY Holiday Party Favor - New Jersey Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs

Who doesn’t love a good party? Hosting your holiday gathering for family and friends is such a joyous occasion- but let’s be honest, it can sometimes be daunting. The food? The decorations? All that time and energy to get everything just right. But what if I told you there was an easy way to make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated without all of the work? That’s right: DIY Holiday Party Favors! These little gifts are thoughtful and sure to please, but they won’t leave you with hours of crafting time to prepare for your big day. Read on for some quick tips on making these cute little gifts from scratch using New Jersey Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs. It’s an easy Holiday DIY that could be a fun, festive holiday party favor, or it would make a great gift this Holiday Season.

Easy DIY Holiday Party Favor
Easy DIY Holiday Party Favor

This post is brought you in partnership with NJ Lottery However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

To create this, you will need the following items:

  • Wax paper envelope 
  • Gold Confetti
  • NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs
  • Tape or Decorated stickers

How to Make a DIY Party Favor using New Jersey Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs 

DIY Party Favor using New Jersey Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs
DIY Party Favor – NJ Lottery Gifts
  1. STEP 1. Print this sticker template
  2. STEP 2. Loosely fill the envelope with gold confetti
  3. STEP 3. Carefully tuck the NJ lottery ticket inside the envelope. (Tip: To fit the ticket in, fold slightly for easy insertion.) 
  4. STEP 4. Decide what size you want the envelope, fold the flap over accordingly. 
  5. STEP 5. Seal with the preprinted sticker to keep in place

There is still time if you want to make this DIY hostess gift tag so you can gift it to your dinner host. This way, you won’t show up to the party empty-handed. Plus, it adds a nice touch to the whole gift-giving experience. 

The New Jersey Lottery has four games for people who are 18 or older. If you’re not hosting a party or attending one, this can also be an ideal gift for just about anyone on your list. You can purchase the tickets to the lottery at any Lottery retailer, i.e., QuickChek, 7-Eleven, Wawa, etc

How to Make DIY Hostess Gift Tag using New Jersey Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs 

Holiday Tablescape

You will need the following things to create your hostess gift –

  • Gold wine pouch
  • Gold satin ribbon or twine 
  • New Jersey Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs
  • Heavy-duty 1/8″ hole punch  


  1. STEP 1. Insert sparking bottle into the bag (Tip: Choose bag color based on the theme of the event.) 
  2. STEP 2. Use a hold puncher to carefully punch a hole on the tip of lottery ticket (Tip: Avoid damaging the ticket in the process.) 
  3. STEP 3. Thread the ribbon through the ticket 
  4. STEP 4. Tie the ribbon around the top of the bag where the bottle neck is to close the bag. You can tie it into a bow for a nice touch. Ta-Da!!
DIY Hostess Gift Tag using New Jersey Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs
DIY Hostess Gift Tag using New Jersey Lottery

I hope you get a chance to utilize a few of these ideas this holiday season. They are easy to put together, offer stress-free planning, and make a memory and thoughtful gift. 

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