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CES 2015 Day 3 in Pictures

[tps_title] Panasonic Make up Stimulation [/tps_title]
Panasonic Make up Stimulation, it’s a smart mirror that allows you to try on makeup and hair styles before making the long term commitment. Check out what you would look like with long hair, red lipstick, crazy eye lashes, etc.


 [tps_title] 3D Food Printer by XYZPrinting [/tps_title]

CES 2015 - 0030

[tps_title] Whirlpool Swash System  Swash System  [/tps_title]
Whirlpool Swash System  Swash System is an easy way to bring life back into your gently worn clothes. It dewrinkles, neutralizes odor and refresh your clothes in between laundry. It’s currently available at Bloomingdale’s, Bed Bath and Beyond and Best Buy for $499. 

CES 2015 - 0028

[tps_title]Green Cube [/tps_title]
A new type of homegrown garden, and a cool way to experience gardening indoor. The Green cube is an hydroponics box that can grow vegetables year-round.

CES 2015 - 0029

[tps_title]Parrot Pot[/tps_title]

Parrot plant is a connected plant pot that will automatically water your plant, which in turn conserves water. It comes with an app that allows you to measure and analyze your plants health – sunlight, soil moisture, temperature and fertilizer level.

CES 2015 - 0026

 [tps_title] Open Source Virtual Reality  [/tps_title]

CES 2015 - 0027

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